Flying Hitchhiker is a platform for aviation related flights and events. We take pride in offering a way to make flying more affordable for everyone. No matter if you are a pilot or person who enjoys to travel, we hope that can bring everyone together. As a passenger (hitchhiker) You can simply search flights without having to register. If you are a pilot, you can register, while providing minimum personal information, and be able to share your flight or create a unique event.

Creating an event... Lets say you want to make a "poker run" or "fly-in" at your maintenance facility to promote your company, well allows you to do just that. Register yourself as a company or individual, create a profile, share you basic information, and create an event. Pilots will love the feature of pulling up a map, search events and simply seeing what aviation related events are around them. No matter if it's an airshow or meeting in a unique location, you the user, can create and post the event for the world to see.

Join today and become part of the flying hitchhiker association. Create a profile, search for friends, comment on their page, and join their flights or events. Our social network structure allows you the opportunity to load a picture, describe yourself, add friends, and write messages. If you feel that you want to restrict those options, simple go into your privacy settings and change them for your personal needs.

The flying hitchhiker team wants to thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy our page. Please feel free to write us an email, and we will use your suggestions to better our service. Being that we do this without any financial compensation, your donations are appreciated.